About EvenSquash

I started EvenSquash.com in May 2016 specifically for the amateur squash player and enthusiast. In it's current form, it is mostly a blog to help coordinate, communicate with local players, and report on a EvenSquash format tournaments in the Atlanta area... but there are bigger plans.

I am pretty new to squash but love the sport. As a beginner, I noticed that for the most part, amateur players only played others of similar skill levels and that it was difficult to play people of mixed skill levels. If I played a higher skilled player, they usually took it easy or just made me run around the court a bunch. I did the same to lower level players I played. There was no easy or standard way to play a fair, serious game between mixed skill levels. That is when I decided to design a handicap system based on data from as many tournament matches and players playing under pressure as possible.

I use the EvenSquash Handicap System to run tournaments and as a result of those tournaments am able to collect more data that I use to further refine the handicap system. As the system refines, I hope to expand into league systems, larger-scale tournaments, sponsors, franchises, and so on to turn EvenSquash.com into a community for amateur squash players.

Hope you have fun!

- Bob -
Bob Walter