EvenSquash Handicap System

The EvenSquash Handicap System was developed to allow squash players of mixed skill levels to play each other in a fair format so that either player has an equal chance of winning the match. Most competitive squash matches are played between players of similar skill levels: a 3.0 level player usually plays other 3.0 level players, 4.0 players play 4.0 players. Playing similar skill levels makes it very challenging to improve your game and the matches almost always go to the higher skill level player.
EvenSquash was developed after analyzing hundreds of squash matches, the scores of each game in each match, and across dozens of players in mixed skill level tournaments. The analysis resulted in a statistically fine-tuned point-spread handicap where all matches have a 50/50 chance for either player to win. EvenSquash works by adjusting the number of points each player must score to win the game. For example if a 3.0 skill level player plays a 4.0 level player, the 3.0 player would need 5 points and the 4.0 player 13 points to win the game. Players with the same skill level play a standard 11-11 game with a no win-by-two rule, just first to 11.

'EvenSquash' is pending trademark.

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