03 November, 2016

RESULTS - 02 NOV Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney

Youngest player ever wins
Congratulations to Carl K. (2.5)

Not to minimize the accomplishment but it was a slow night... only 5 people played. Normally 5 is too small to run a tournament but we went for it anyway hoping that one of the players that signed up online would be able to make it last minute to make a field of 6 (the min).

But that didn't stop Carl K. (2.5) from overpowering 4 other players to take home first place of $45! There were a lot of tough matches and they covered the skill levels, from 2.5 to 5.0. Carl got knocked down into the losers' bracket in the first round by Todd H. (3.0). Saim K. (5.0), a tournament favorite and holding the highest winnings, was surprised by the newcomer, Tucker M. (4.5) in some really hard matches. Rehan S. (4.0) cleared the winner's bracket and was waiting on Carl K. a few matches from them. Luckily, Tucker M. (4.5), wore out the other players but had to leave early and forfeited out. Now in the finals and worn down, Rehan S. looked to Carl to let him go home easily. Carl obliged and beat Rehan in 2 quick games. If you see Carl H., congratulate him on the win.
1. Carl H. (2.5) - $45
2. Rehan S. (4.0) - $20
3. Todd H. (3.0) - $10
* Due to the small field, consolation prizes or gift cards were not given out

Thanks again for everyone who played. Special thanks to our sponsors, Marlow's Tavern, Sushi Nami, and Under the Corktree. We also appreciate the crowd of spectators that watched the finals and added to the excitement.

Below are some more highlights, video, and pics. Thanks again to everyone coming out to play!

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Bend the legs!
- Bob -
Rehan S. (4.0) in black vs. Carl H. (2.5)
In the finals....

Carl K. (2.5), in the white shirt, vs. Todd H. (3.0)
Not to be taken for granted

Tucker M. (4.5), red shirt, vs. Rehan S. (4.0)
Rehan comes here for abuse.... and Tucker gives it...

Tucker M. (4.5) vs. Rehan S. (4.0)
The long point that puts Tucker in the losers' bracket
Carl K. (2.5), white shirt, vs. Todd H. (3.0)
first round challenges

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