09 April, 2017

RESULTS: Saturday April 8 - Squash SMASH Tourney

Bob W. (3.0) takes
2nd Place

Bob W. (3.0), aka Squash Boss, crushed, no, destroyed, the field of seven solid squash players in this Saturday's Squash SMASH Tourney. No one stood a chance. He even grinned as he beat the junior players. #stonecold #heartless #Grinch

How did Bob W. pull off such an amazing accomplishment? Some say it was the coffee, some say it was the early morning tournament, some say it was luck, and some say that you can't play a tournament director fairly. Rubbish, I say; I disagree with all of these. Bob played with pure awesome. It's too bad that the tournament director was playing because there is no video or pictures or evidence of the awesomeness of Bob's squash skills: 4-wall boasts, every serve an ace, every ball in the nick.

Here's the full run down:
2. Bob W. (3.0) - $36
1. Tom R. (2.5) - $84 + $50 Sushi Nami Gift Card
3. Roland D. (3.0) - $20
Roland also won the draw for a Free Appetizer Card at Marlow's Tavern

It wasn't all Bob's tournament (well...). The rest of the players played well and had fun too. Even Tom R. (2.5) won a few games by combining both unconventional squash play with knowing how to use patience and opportunity - especially when playing much stronger players. This was Tom's 2nd 1st place win. Tom R. will play as a 3.0 in future events.

We had newcomer, Erik W. (4.0) play in his first ever squash SMASH and he felt the pressure of the tournament format - no errors and you can't give up a point to re-group. I thought for sure Erik was going to end up in the money but he was pushed down into the loser's bracket by Luis P. (3.0) in the first round and in the losers' bracket he matched up against Mario de M. (4.5). Erik patted Mario on the head and sent Mario home, but then... The unconventional, Tom R. (2.5) shook Erik up and sent Erik home! Crazy! Technically, Erik finished 4th. Well done for a first timer.

We also had seasoned player, Carl K. (3.5), who got some tight games in and I thought for sure he was going to advance, but ended up bowing out early to Luis P. (3.0). Roland D. (3.0) also made a great showing, advancing to 3rd place by playing 11 games, almost all matches going the full length. Mario de M. (4.5), the field's highest ranked player, who by the time he warmed up on the court, it was time to go home. Next time Mario - get there early! Luis P. (3.0) was almost shut out by Erik in the first round but managed to get his squash shoes on and hold on for two more matches.

All in all - It was a great Saturday morning. Lot's of squash!

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Here: Use my ball, it's warm....
- Bob -

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