23 October, 2017

RESULTS - OCT 21 Sat Squash SMASH Tourney

We all know Maverick beat
Iceman in TOPGUN...
... but in SQUASH TOPGUN...
Icewoman won!
Congratulations Leslie B. (2.5)

She's a first time SMASH player and a first time winner. How'd she do it? Some might say beginners' luck others say she kept a cool head against some very intimidating players, calmly looked for opportunities to take, and patiently waited for them to make mistakes. Leslie went against some solid players like Nicholas G. (3.5), who I believe is 13 years old but owns a squash court like an seasoned athlete, but he was new to the SMASH format and the new kind of pressure that Leslie had in store for him. They played out three tight games before Leslie put him down into the losers' bracket. She then took on Fong Y. (4.5), who has played in many SMASH tourneys and is ranked #12 on the all time winners' charts, but even though he was able to pressure Leslie with hard serves, it cost him with the occasional mistake. Leslie beat Fong by waiting for opportunities and surprising Fong with unexpected winners. She then would face Rameez A. (4.0), who knows what he's doing on the court and is a solid player, but he didn't keep the ball far enough away from her and she was able to execute it. The Rameez vs Leslie scenario played out twice because she beat him the first match pushing him down into the losers' bracket only to beat him again with the same plays in the finals. Congratulations to Leslie B. (2.5) by taking the first place prize of $108 of everyone's cold hard money!
1. Leslie B. (2.5) - $108
2. Rameez A. (4.0) - $52
3. Alejandro C. - $20
Rameez A. (4.0) - $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card
Assam J. (5.5) - Blue Moon Free Pizza
Final Tourney Bracket - Click to enlarge
TOPGUN SMASH lived up to the hype with 9 great players and an aircraft carrier load of fun. There were some great matches like when Assam J. (5.5) went against Fong Y. (4.5) where Fong had to use all the skills he had to hold back Assam's onslaught. Jeff D. (3.0), a regular to the SMASH tourneys, came in hot and with a purpose,  was able to get three solid matches in before being pushed out by Alejandro C. (3.5). Speaking of Alejo, who was #14 on the all time winner's list, just pushed up the list to #9 by taking 3rd place with some very exhausting matches like the ones against Fong and Rameez. Fong Y. (4.5) also had a good run and got to play the full spectrum of players, Leslie B. (2.5), Alejandro C. (3.5), and Assam J. (5.5.).

Paul D. (3.5), who's always a fun player and was here looking for even more fun. Paul didn't know that his first match was going to be against a tiger and he got all the fun he could handle by matching up Assam J. (5.5)'s full power and competitiveness. It was close and even came down to the last point for each player to decide the match. Assam advanced and Paul was pushed down into the loser's bracket to play even match against Alejandro.

Then there's Nicholas G. (3.5), who I thought was going to snap this tourney off because he is such a force in traditional squash tournaments, but he got pushed out early on but did stick around to watch the action and play a few pickups. I'm betting he'll be back and my money will be on him. Johannes D. (2.5) who hasn't played in a while got a refresher on why he loves to play squash. Even though it was a tough Saturday morning, he picked up some great experience. 

All in all - it was a great Saturday morning with lots of squash! Thanks again to Marlow's Tavern, Blue Moon Pizza, and Sushi Nami for sponsoring the tourney and special thanks to all the players! Hope everyone had fun! 

Check below for all the pics and vids and even more terrible commentary. 

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Up and down the wall!
- Bob -
Leslie B. (2.5) vs Rameez A. (4.0)
Finals: Leslie shows Rameez the 'Now you go home' shot

Alejandro C. (3.5) vs. Fong Y. (4.5) (Green shirt)
Alejo and Fong play each other frequently... but this time, no one is playing

Nicholas G. (3.5) vs. Leslie B. (2.5)
Nicholas with some quick points... but.... Leslie is waiting...

Rameez A. (4.0) (blue shirt) vs. Assam J. (5.5)
If you watch closely, you can see why Rameez thinks there are two Assam's on the court

Leslie B. (2.5) vs. Fong Y. (4.5)
Leslie's lesson: You better not get comfortable

Alejandro C. (3.5) (white shirt) vs. Paul D. (3.5)
Alejo had the advantage. Why? Paul just got done playing a tiger.

Alejandro C. (3.5) vs. Rameez A. (4.0)
This battle is for 3rd place and they eventually have to give everything to get the last point.


  1. I did not take many pictures and mostly videos. The photos I had were redundant with the videos. I'll see if I can find one or two and put them up.