22 February, 2018

11am ~ 1:30 - Saturday, April 7 SMASH Tourney! --> Mortal Skwash <--

Kombat in a Bawks
This is no video game... this is real squash.

Test your mightIn the last SMASH Tourney Randy J. (3.5) destroyed 13 competitors, relieved them of $122, and went home a champion.... a SMASH Champion. Think you have what it takes to win a fast-paced, action-packed, nerve-racking, squash tourney? .....I doubt it.

Squash SMASH Tourney
11am - 1:30 April 7, 2018
Lifetime Fitness - Sandy Springs

$20 Entry fee, cash prizes payouts down to 4th, double elimination format, gift cards from Sushi Nami, Marlow's Tavern, and Blue Moon Pizza. Everyone is friendly (except Rehan). Max 16 players. Beginner to advanced players. Boat loads of fun all wrapped in about 2 hours of squash fun!

If you need more info on what a Squash SMASH Tourney is, check out: Squash SMASH Tourney Info

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And for the latest, you can always follow along with live updates and latest info on Twitter @EvenSquashFacebook @EvenSquashInstagram @EvenSquash

 - Bob -
Pro tip: If you don't want to replace your racket strings often, try hitting the ball with the edges...

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