20 October, 2016

RESULTS - 19 OCT Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney - CANCELED

Crickets on the court?....
We only had 4 players come out to play....
Tourney was canceled....

But that's ok. It's only the 3rd time we've had to cancel. Understandably, there's lots of stuff going on with everyone and that's the whole purpose of the weekly tournament - come out when you can - no commitments.

Thanks to first time player that didn't play, Tucker M. (4.5), Todd H. (3.0), Mario de M. (4.5), and Roland D. (3.0) for coming out and wanting to play. They all mixed it up afterwards so everyone still got some squash in.

I'll have next week's tourney announcement up in a day or two. Until then, you can always follow along with live updates and latest info on Twitter @EvenSquash, Facebook @EvenSquash, Instagram @EvenSquash. And you can always add your email address (see the left side bar) to get emails about the latest.

Get on the courts!

- Bob -

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