28 October, 2016

RESULTS - 26 Oct Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney

Alejandro C. (3.5)
Beat 7 people with a racket
And took their money

We had a full 8 player tournament last night with nothing but solid players from 3.0 to 5.0. Even long time player, Scott F. (4.5), aka 'Ski', was able to play. Alejandro ('Alejo') started off against a solid 3.0 player, Roland D., with hard fought, tight games but then had to go on to face Fletch C. (5.0) a player who has a lot of tourney experience and has won before.... but not this time. Confident and victorious, Alejo matched up with a 3.0 with great racket skills, Todd. H. {Background - Todd is coming back after several months off from injury and is getting his squash feet back}. In just two, not even close, games, Todd pushed Alejo down into the Losers' bracket. Here's the kicker - Alejo fought back to face Todd again in the finals - and this time things were different. Alejo C. (3.5) wins against Todd H. (3.0) with an impressive come back! Here's the final run down:
1. Alejandro C. (3.5) - $72 + $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card
2. Todd H. (3.0) - $33
3. Roland D. (3.0) - $15
Consolation Prizes
Fletch C. (5.0) - Free NIB ball for regisrtering online
Roger W. (3.5) - $25 Under the Corktree gift card player consolation prize.
The Bracket
It wasn't just the semifinals and finals that saw a lot of action. Roger W. (3.5) may have permanently damaged Fletch C (5.0) in two matches that went to the wire. In the EvenSquash Handicap System Fletch needed 16 points and Roger needed only 6; the games went 16-5 with Fletch barley coming out from some hard rallies. Speaking of rallies, I think Roland D. (3.0) takes the rally crown for the night in his match against Mario de M. (4.5). Mario is known for not letting the ball bounce twice... and so is Roland. Great gets!

There were some upsets too. Two seasoned players and both familiar with the Squash SMASH Tourneys, Jeff D. (3.0) and Scott F. (4.5) both got knocked out in the first round - glad I didn't have anyone ask me to wager... I would have picked them and lost. Mario de M. (4.5) and Roger W. (3.5), both solid players fared a bit better than Jeff and Scott, but still ended up heading home sooner than expected.

Thanks again for everyone who played. Special thanks to our sponsors, Marlow's Tavern, Sushi Nami, and Under the Corktree. We also appreciate the crowd of spectators that watched the finals and added to the excitement.

Below are some more highlights, video, and pics. Thanks again to everyone coming out to play!

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Get on the courts!
- Bob -
Alejo C. (3.5) (white head band) vs. Roland D. (3.0)
Getting the run on

Roger W. (3.5) vs. Fletch C. (5.0)
We call this, "Getting out of bed early"

Alejo C. (3.5) vs Roland D. (3.0)
Game on

Scott F. 'Ski' (4.5) vs Mario De M. (4.5)
Up and down the wall.... but not

Roger W. (3.5) (Yellow Shirt) vs. Fletch C. (5.0)
Work it, work it

Todd H. (3.0) vs Alejandro C. (3.5) (#6 Shirt)
This is uneventful.... but you can hear Roland D. on the court next door!

Roland D. (3.0) (black shirt) vs. Mario de M. (4.5)
I am sorry I missed the video of the intense rallies.... but this is what I got.

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