12 February, 2017

15 FEB Weekly Wednesday's Squash SMASH Tourney - 6:30pm

We are back!
We had last week off to make room for the Andre's Atlanta's Masters' Tournament.... now we're back on! Play in this week's Weekly Squash SMASH tourney if you:
  • Need to recover from a tough Valentine's Day
  • Didn't play well in last weekend's Master's Tournament and need to take out some frustration
  • Played well over the weekend (luhkheee) and are still feeling the love
  • Love Squash - Hate Squash - Love Squash - Hate Squash...

Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney!
Every Wednesday 6:30 ~ 8:30
Lifetime Fitness Sandy Springs location.
Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. We will also draw for two free appetizers at Marlow's Tavern. In addition to cash, first place is also sponsored by Sushi Nami and will get a $50 gift card! Check Squash SMASH Tourney for more details of the tourney, how it works, rules, and whatnot.

Sign up here -> 15 FEB Wed Night Squash SMASH Online Registration Form

And if you sign up online, you'll get a pack of Gatorade Prime Energy Chews!
Special thanks to Fletch C. (5.0) for donating a box of them!
If you do plan to play in this week's tourney, please help me out and reserve a 1-hour block on courts 2, 3, and 4 from 6:30 - 8:30 on www.MyLT.com

I will be live tweeting the tournament with pictures and some match video this week, so if you can't make it, you can follow the action on Twitter @EvenSquash. I will also post a few updates about the tournament on Facebook @EvenSquash and Instagram @EvenSquash

My problem with squash is that there are too many people better than me....
- Bob -

For more information about the tourney, check out Weekly Wed. Squash SMASH  

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