03 February, 2017

RESULTS - FEB 01 Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney

Roger W. (3.5)
What does the 'W.' stand for?
W is for WINNER

Roger is no newcomer when it comes to the Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney. He has played several times before and even placed 3rd back in Sept 2016 (ahh 2016, the good old days).... but this time was different. You know you're playing well when other people complain about your rating being too low.... all of Roger's opponents, from first-timer Gary Y. (3.0) to well seasoned Mario de M. (4.5) said that Roger was on fire! If you want to see some of the action in the finals and to see how well everyone was playing - even after two hours and in the finals, check our the vid below. Speaking of the finals, that was a tight match with some long rallies. Adam S. (4.0) had been pushed into the losers' bracket by Roland D. (3.0) a few matches earlier and was able to fight back up to square off against Roger in the Final. Using the EvenSquash Handicap System, the race between Roger W. (3.5) and Adam S. (4.0) was 7 to 11, meaning Roger needed 7 points to win and Adam needed 11. The final scores of three games in the match were: 7 to 5, 11 to 6, and 7 to 9. Congratulations to Roger W. (3.5) for winning first place!
1. Roger W. (3.5) - $81 + $50 Susi Nami Gift Card
2. Adam S. (4.0) - $39
3. Roland D. (3.0) - $15
Roger W. (3.5) also won the player consolation prize of a Marlow's Tavern Free Appetizer
The final brackets

We had 9 players in the tourney with skills ranging from 2.5 to 5.0 and this made the player draw very interesting with some crazy match-ups. Here's an example: Brian W. (2.5) matching up in the losers' bracket with Fletch C. (5.0). Why is that crazy? Because Brian has only been playing a little while, taking lessons from Andre M. (∞.5), and is working hard at his game. Fletch, who just game out of a bad game with Adam S. (4.0) and was choking back tears, was not in the mood for mercy. That said - Fletch was surprised when Brian pushed so hard. We also had tall Jim C. (3.5) match up against the unconventional Tom R. (3.0) and had it not been for a goofy tournament director miscalling the match, Tom would have advanced but the goof made them go back in and play again with the correct handicaps... and what do you know? Jim C. popped out ahead. The TD was not on friendly terms with either player at that point.... Roland D. (3.0), aka Der Deutsche Eismann, kept his cool up against  Brian W. (2.5) and initially, Adam S. (4.0) , but melted under the rematch with Adam S. in the money rounds and wen t home with 3rd.

Needless to say, it was smooth sailing.

Stupid pros.... always thinking they are better than us..... sheesh....

Anyway.... for more info on the Masters Open Squash Tour 2017, check the link above or go to lifetimesquashtour.com

Below are some great pics n vids and more free commentary... free as in not worth one cent.

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Here: Use my ball, it's warm....
- Bob -
Roger W. (3.5), white shorts vs Adam S. (4.0)
The heat is on.... no 4rlz.... check the rallies in this action
I am pretty sure they both like Sushi Nami

Jim C. (3.5), white shirt, vs. Gary Y. (3.0)
I bet Jim feels bad not having to move from the T

Mario de M. (4.5) vs Tom R. (3.0)
Mario using the 'if you opponent is behind you, drop it' strategy

Fletch C. (5.0), grey shirt, vs. Adam S. (4.0)
I wish I could play like Fletch when he's in a bad mood

Fletch C. (5.0) vs Brian W. (2.5)
I don't think Brian has ever played a 5.0 before... hope he comes back

Roger W. (3.5), Yellow shirt, vs. Roland D. (3.0)
Roland is up against a guy with his eye on sushi... Roland takes 3rd

Mario de M. (4.5) vs. Adam S. (4.0)
.....hmm they are both wearing black - Mario has red shoes!

Adam S. (4.0), black shorts, vs Roland D. (3.0)
after a few errors that were supposed to be points, "Yes Sir!"

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