13 November, 2017

RESULTS - NOV 11 Sat Squash SMASH Tourney

Rameez A. (4.0) Pwns
6 Great Players and 1 Mediocre Player

We had 8 players in Saturday's Squash SMASH Tourney and Reemez A. (4.0) came out on top. He's a squash machine - not only did he play in the tourney, he also played in pickup matches on the side while waiting for his matches - and then - AND THEN... after winning the tourney, he still kept playing!

Rameez had some tough matches too. Like when he had to play first time player, Shane M. (5.0). Shane is brand new to the handicap and wasn't ready for how close it was going to be. The first game against Rameez went down to game ball for both players in a tight match. Then there was Mario de M. (4.5), one of our most seasoned SMASH players and #5 of all time WINNERS, who gave Rameez another tight match. It wasn't until Rameez ran up against Roger W. (3.5) that things got real.... and due to a bad handicap call that rated Roger as a 3.0 (No effnwai) by your the tourney director, aka that mediocre player, he got pushed into the Losers' bracket to face Mario again! The squash machine worked back through the Losers' bracket and faced off against Roger W. again - this time with the correct handicapping. Congratulations to Rameez A. (4.0)!
1. Rameez A. (4.0) - $96
2. Roger W. (3.5) - $44
3. Mario de M. (4.5) - $20
Mario de M. (4.5) - $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card
Randy J. (3.5) - Blue Moon Pizza Gift Card
Final Brackets
If you missed it, you missed a lot of fun. The field was skilled between 2.5 and 5.0 and had two new players Shane M. (5.0) and Avi A. (2.5). Even though Avi got knocked out in the first rounds, he still got to play Mario de M. (4.5) and Shane M. (5.0) - players he would never have gotten to play in a standard tourney. Avi made it hard on them by taking at least one in each match letting the skilled players know that he was serious. Shane M. (5.0) hung in there a bit longer and made it to the second round against Rady J. (3.5). Randy has played is a few SMASH tourneys and knew how to keep the pressure on his higher skilled opponent and even pushed one of the games to game ball for both players.

Speaking of Randy, Randy started the tourney off by matching up against Bob W. (3.5), aka a mediocre player, and punished Bob for his squash mediocrity. Randy finally went home after getting pushed out by Mario de M. (4.5). Bob also got to play longtime sparing partner, Jeff D. (3.0).... but Jeff made sure Bob knew they were not sparing this time... 

All in all there was a lot of fun - too much to write - Next time get there!

Check below for all the pics and vids and bonus commentary.

The next SMASH Tourney will be held 11am Saturday Nov 25 at Lifetime Fitness. Rumor has it that Andre 'Legend' Maur will play! Registration is open! Online Squash SMASH Tourney Registration Form. You can see all upcoming SMASH events on the SMASH Tourney Schedule.

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Game on!
- Bob -

I told my wife I needed to get some new balls. She asked me if I needed to get fitted for them....

Rameez A. (4.0) vs Roger W. (3.5) (White shorts)
Final point

Roger W. (3.5) vs Jeff D. (3.0) (Black shirt)
Jeff aces Roger...whaat....
Mario de M. (4.5) vs Avi A. (2.5) (Yellow shirt)
Mario is trying to keep the focus and not make any errors

Mario de M. (4.5) vs Rameez A. (4.0) (Grey shirt)
Quick points... 

Shane M. (5.0) vs Randy J. (3.5) (Blue shirt)
Watch how Randy earns a points off of Shane

Shane M. (5.0) vs Randy J. (3.5) (Blue shirt)
Shane trying to build some rhythm and minimize mistakes
Rameez A. (4.0) vs Roger W. (3.5) (White shorts)
Some tough points and lots of boasts
Watching the finals
Shane M. (5.0) vs Randy J. (3.5)
On your toes!

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