06 November, 2017

RESULTS - NOV 4 Sat Squash SMASH Tourney

There were none
and then there were some

We weren't sure there was going to be enough payers to even have a Saturday morning SMASH tourney. At one point it was canceled at the last minute because we only had two players... then Assam walks in and ropes 3 guys that were ready to leave into playing a few more games! Those 3 players, plus Assam, plus the two that were already there pushed us over the minimum 6 players. GAME ON!
1. Paul D. (3.5) - $72
2. Muhammad J. (3.0) - $28
3. Mario de M. (4.5) - $20

Nadeem C. won the $25
Marlow's Tavern Gift Card

It all played out in about 1.5 hours and at the end of that, Paul D. (3.5) was standing alone. Paul has played in a few SMASH tourneys but this is his first time finishing in the money... and even better -  winning! It wasn't all easy because he had to go up against some serious competition. His first match was with Nadeem C. (2.5), who is pretty new to squash but still can manage a racquet and not to be underestimated. Nadeem put up some great pressure but it wasn't enough to keep Paul down. Paul's next match was against a tiger! The tiger was named Assam J. (5.5.)! Paul has felt Assam's true competitive speed in other SMASH events so he knew this was going to be nerve racking. But Paul kept it together, waited for Assam to make an error or two, and then take the points when he could. Paul pulled that one out and pushed Assam into the losers' bracket. But what's worse than playing a tiger? How about the father of a tiger!? For realz! Paul had to play Assam's father, Muhammad J. (3.0) who knows a thing or two about squash... but Paul was able to keep the wheels on through some tough rallies and muscle through. Paul held on to the winner's bracket. Muhammad went down into the Loser's bracket and clawed his way back to the finals where.... he had to face Paul again in the finals. It was closer this time but in the end, Muhammad ran out of steam, and the outcome was the same. Congratulations to Paul D. (3.5)!

There were a lot of fun matches - Like when Kashif A. (3.5) went up against Muhammad J. (3.0) in the first round. Both players had never played in an EvenSquash Handicapped tourney before but have played each other frequently. They though this was going to be another fun game until they realized that... the handicap was going to make it very close. Assam J. (5.5) went up against Mario de M. (4.5) with some long rallies and tight matches where both players were on game ball points. Mario eventually knocked Assam out and advanced. Mario then played Kashif. Did I mention that Kashif had been working out since 7am? This was Kashif's last match, he knew he was spent, and he played it smart, forfeited instead of risking injury. Mario and Muhammad then battled it out to see who would face Paul in the finals. Mario took 3rd. 

There was a lot more action - too much to write - Next time get there!

Check below for all the pics and vids and bonus commentary.

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Game on!
- Bob -
Muhammad J. (3.0) vs Paul D. (3.5) (in shorts)
This is a quick look at how the finals went... tired and serious or seriously 
Muhammad J. (3.0) vs. Kashif A. (3.5)
Yes Let? Video replay comes in handy
Mario de M. (4.5) vs. Assam J. (5.5) (white shorts)
It looks like Mario is doing all the work....
Paul D. (3.5) (shorts) vs Nadeem C. (2.5)
Paul learns that Nadeem will put it away if given the chance
Muhammad J. (3.0) vs Kashif A. (3.5) (white shirt)
...some short rallies...
Kashif A. (3.5) vs Mario de M. (4.5) (blue shirt)
First round match... working the kinks out....
Muhammad J. (3.0) vs Mario de M. (4.5) (blue shirt)
.... like the old saying, "two ships passing after a hard rally..."
Kashif A. (3.5) vs Muhammad J. (3.0)
On your toes!

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