26 December, 2017

January 6, 20-freaking-18 SMASH Tourney - Sat. 11am

The Year of Squash

Saturday January 6 at 11am will be the first Squash SMASH Tourney of 2018! This is a great time to workout your frustration of all the things that you didn't get over the holidays like: New squash balls, new squash bag, squash lessons, squash shoes, squash.... well... ok... maybe that's just me... But get out and play!

Saturday, Jan 6, 20-Freaking-18
11am - 1:30'ish
Squash SMASH Tourney

Happy New Year!

See you on the courts!
 - Bob -
Squash ball ornament for the tree.... Oh no he didn't....

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