08 January, 2018

RESULTS - Jan 6 Squash SMASH Tourney

Andrew M. (3.5)

Andrew M. (3.5) bested 12 other players in a fantastic squash battled for a $146! His path to victory wasn't a path lined with rose petals though... he had many tough opponents like going up against Rehan S. (4.5) twice and Nick G. (3.5) twice! You might say, "wait - twice? How'd that happen?" Well SMASH Tourneys use a double elimination format so that everyone can lose once but still have a chance to come back and win the whole thing! That's what happened to Andrew; Andrew beat Rehan, sending Rehan down into the losers bracket. Andrew continued to advance until he faced Nick G. (3.5) where Nick defeated Andrew and pushed him down into the losers bracket. Nick would king of the winners bracket guaranteeing him at least a 2nd place finish. Down in the losers bracket, Andrew and Rehan would match up again and this time it was to see who was going to own the losers bracket. Andrew beat Rehan in the second match up, giving Rehan his 4th, 3rd place finish. Now it is the winner of the winners bracket, (Nick G.) to face the winner of the losers bracket (Andrew) to see who would be the SMASH winner. That was an epic battle and Andrew was not going to make the same mistakes the first time he faced Nick and capitalized on any mistake Nick made. This win plus his personal EvenSquash stats of winning 87% of the points he needed over the past 40 games, moves Andrew up to a 4.0. This win also puts Andrew in the #2 spot for all time SMASH Winner Circle. Congratulations to Andrew M.!
1. Andrew M. (3.5) - $146
2.. Nick G. (3.5) - $84
3. Rehan S. (4.5) - $20
4. Carl N. (3.0) - $10
Other prizes given away to luckily selected players$25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card - Jeff D. (3.0) - Carl N. (3.0) - Rehan S.
$50 Sushi Nami Gift Card - Assam J. (5.5)
Blue Moon Pizza and Appetizer - Andrew M. (3.5)

13 players in this SMASH Tourney with skill levels ranging from 2.5 to 5.5 and a little over 2 hrs of play. No one had it easy but everyone had a lot of fun. Take Paul M. (5.5), a previous SMASH winner, going up against Adam S. (4.0) with every point counting in each game coming down to just one more point for Adam. Then Paul went up against Rehan S. (4.5) and Assam J. (5.5), and Carl N. (3.0). Claire B. (3.0), she's a first time player, facing Nick G. (3.5), then Jeff D. (3.0). I chalk her going home in the first round as just a learning experience - she'll be back! Adam M. (3.5), another first time player, came out of the gate strong against Assam J. (5.5) and Roland D. (3.0) but eventually had to bow out due to injury. Michael F. (2.5), another first time SMASH player, who likes to learn by fire by getting on the court against a giant like Assam J. (5.5) - That was as stressful for Michael as it was for Assam to keep cool and concentrate! This was Nick G.'s (3.5) second SMASH tourney and after getting eliminated the first round in that first tourney, he came out of the gate cutting through players for this one and held down the winner's bracket almost to #1! Roland D. (3.0) and Jeff D. (3.0) both got a lot of great matches in, playing over 9 games and at least 4 opponents.

All in all there was a lot of fun - too much to write - Next time get there!

Check below for all the pics and vids and thought provoking commentary.

The next SMASH Tourney will be held 11am Saturday JAN 27 at Lifetime Fitness - Sandy Springs. Registration is open! JAN 27 Squash SMASH Tourney Registration Form. You can see all upcoming SMASH events on the SMASH Tourney Schedule.

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- Bob -

Nick G. (3.5) vs. Andrew M. (3.5) (red shirt)
.... a few minutes of the finals ....

Nick G. (3.5) vs. Andrew M. (3.5) (red shirt)
... Some more of the finals.... looks like good squash!

Nick G. (3.5) vs. Andrew M. (3.5) (red shirt)
Some more finals - ya... that was a fun match to watch!

Nick G. (3.5) vs. Andrew M. (3.5) (red shirt)
First serve of the finals - Nick is ready to go.... 

Rehan S. (4.5) vs Carl N. (3.0) (white shorts)
Rehan showing perfect backhand form.... 

Carl N. (3.0) vs. Roland D. (3.0) (black pants)
Roland working on getting in the groove

Andrew M. (3.5) vs. Nick G. (3.5)
My read: Nick's gonna drop that ball.... 

Nick G. (3.5) vs. Andrew M. (3.5) (red shirt)
The first time they match up.... Nick lets Andrew know that he's serious.

Jeff D. (3.0) vs Rehan S. (4.5) (grey shorts)
Jeff taking Rehan's shot in stride... 

Carl N. (3.0) vs. Paul M. (5.5) (red shirt)
On the court, Carl is a little bunny rabbit... The kind of bunny that slays giants!

Nick G. (3.5) vs Roland D. (3.0)  (black pants)
Not sure what happened here but Roland looks pissed...

Claire B. (3.0) vs Jeff D. (3.0) (black shorts)
Some great points - the match could have gone either way...

Assam J. (5.5) vs Paul M. (5.5)
This was the match I wish I had on video... great play!

Roland D. (3.0) vs Adam M. (3.5) (blue shirt)
Adam's facial expression says it all....

Adam S. (4.0) vs Paul M. (5.5)
Paul giving Adam some tips.... well.... sort of....

Nick G. (3.5) vs. Paul D. (3.5)
Nick hitting some great shots and Paul looking for momentum

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