01 July, 2016

29 June 2016 - Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tournament

Great tourney last night! 11 players with skills from 2.5 to 5.5!

1. Charlie J. (5.5) - $99
2. Denri G. (4.0) - $51
3. Andrew W. (3.5) - $15

Again, all but 5 matches battled to 3 games (matches are best of 3 games) and that coupled with some court congestion early on made the tournament end shortly after 9pm. Hard night's work.

It was exciting. Charlie (5.5), the tourney heavy, was set to cut through the winner's bracket until he met Denri (4.0). Denri put Charlie into the loser's making Charlie fight to get back to finish. Andrew (3.5) was playing really well, so well he decided to move himself up to play as a 4.0 mid-tournament and even with the extra weight, he still knocked Anjo (5.0) out. Though some would argue that the courageous move to play his final matches as a 4.0 made things fairer, it is probably what gave him 3rd instead of a possible win. Just sayin...

There were a lot of close matches which made for great spectating - even those that got knocked out early stuck around to watch the matches. We had Alejandro C. (3.5), play some hard matches with none of his opponents giving up easily. Jeff D. (3.0) played some 'out-of-his-mind' squash to knock out Alex W. (3.5). Paul M. (2.5) defeated Bob W. (3.0). Scott F. (4.0) gave Charlie (5.5) a scare and almost had him early on. Exciting!

I'll send out the notice in the next few days for next week's tournament. 

See ya.

 - Bob -

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