07 July, 2016

RESULTS 6 July 2016 Squash SMASH Tourney

It's a sad day when Scott F. not only registers under the name Jack Mehoff (4.0), but also wins the largest tournament 1st prize we've had - $162! It would have been an even better tournament had I not spent so much time asking around who Jack Mehoff was....

No seriously. Wow - I mean WOW! - 15 players! Skill levels 2.5 to 5.5. 1st was $162, 2nd was $93, and 3rd was $15. This was a great turnout and with a lot of new players. We had a bit of a bumpy start around 6:45 and due to some late entries, missteps in calling matches, and court congestion and that pushed us to a finish a later than I'd like, 9:40pm. We'll tighten this up a bit next week. Here are some of the highlights:
1. Scott F. (4.0) - $162
2. Denri G. (4.0) - $93
3. Wayne J. (4.5) - $15

Scott F. (now known as Jack M.) (4.0) was able to stay in the winner's bracket through the whole night beating Rolland D. (3.0), Jeff D. (3.0), Wayne J. (4.5), and Denri (4.0) twice in hard matches. Scott will now play as a 4.5 skill level. Frank G. (2.5) made a strong showing playing through much of the loser's bracket only to shut down just before getting into the money rounds by Denri (4.0). Speaking of Denri (4.0). NASCAR Denri was in true form; he out lasted his opponents by running every ball down and often surprising us with great shots and spectacular crashes into the floor, walls, and glass.

Upsets? Yes... we had upsets: Anjo G. (5.0) had Alex W. (3.5) in an almost shut out games but.. but... Alex took victory out of Anjo's grasp and sat him down for the night. Charlie J. (5.5), highest rated player in the tourney, got put down by Frank G., our strongest 2.5 in the tourney. Some of our favorites like Courtney W. (3.5) and Jeff D. (3.0), previous winners, were eliminated in the early rounds.

Special thanks to our new players, Luca B. (3.5), Kevin B. (3.0), and Keith B. (2.5) who courageously jumped in the tournament at the last minute. We hope to see them again. Also thanks to Andre Maur for freeing up Court 1 for us to help things move along a bit faster.

I'll post the announcement for next week's tournament in a few days. Hope to see you there!

  - Bob -

Anjo G. (5.0) serving vs. Wayne J. (4.5) in a hard match

Jack M. (4.0) vs Denri G. (4.0). Notice how Denri G. (the guy in black) has more than his feet on the ground.

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