14 July, 2016

RESULTS 13 July 2016 Squash SMASH Tourney

Full house last night with 16 players!

Michael W. (2.5) pulls out a string of upsets to take first place!
1. Michael W. (2.5) - $144
2. Assam J. (5.0) - $81
3. Morgan P. (3.5) - $15

What a night! Michael W. (2.5) started off with a two wins in the winner's bracket against Andrew M. (4.0) and James W. (3.0) but then was knocked down into the losers bracket when he met Assam J. (5.0). From that point all we heard from Michael was "I just want to go home" but he continued to win through the loser's bracket beating players like Alex W. (3.5) and Morgan P. (3.5) until he was back in the finals for revenge against Assam J. Assam, who cut through to the finals in the winner's bracket may have cooled off a bit waiting for the final match and may have not been 100% ready for Michael who had played back-to-back matches. Michael's revenge against Assam was quick. Assam made some errors early on and with the weight that he had to give to Michael, cost him 1st place and $63. Michael is now a 3.0.

Like I said - there were 16 players - so there were a lot of great matches: Mario de M. (4.0) played nothing but hard, close matches against Assam, Luis P., and Fong Y. Speaking of Fong, this was his first tournament with the added weight of a 4.5. Alex W. (3.5) had a great showing, played a lot of matches, and almost made it into the money. The three new players from last week, Kevin B. (3.0), Kieth B., and Luca B. (3.5), returned this week. Hopefully, everyone had a great time.

For more details on the results, pictures, and even some video of the tourney follow @EvenSquash on twitter for live updates.

I will be posting the signup sheet and information for next week's tourney in a few days.

Squash On.

 - Bob -

The full tournament tree. Click to zoom in.

This is just one of the points in nothing but long rallies with Fong Y. (4.5) vs. Mario De M. (4.0)

Finals match: Michael W. (2.5) in the blue shirt vs. Assam J. (5.0) in the grey.

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