01 December, 2016

RESULTS - 30 NOV Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney

Andrew M. (3.5) vs 9 other players
....nuff said

It was an exciting night for the 10 players in last night's Squash SMASH Tourney. We started off around 6:40 and ended just a bit past 9pm with players of all skill levels from 2.5 to 5.0. Andrew M. (3.5) cut through the winner's bracket in five matches playing a total of 11 hard games against players that refused to let the ball bounce twice. Though some would say Andrew had it easy because his first match was a no-show (Carl K. where are you?) thereby giving him a bit more rest than the others but the smart money would say that it wouldn't have made a difference. Congratulations to Andrew M. (3.5). He will now play as a 4.0.
1. Andrew M. (3.5) - $90 + $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card
2. Telmo S. (3.5) - $45
3. Vincent L. (3.0) - $15
Telmo S. won the $50 Sushi Nami Gift Card in a random player draw. 
Filled brackets
Andrew didn't get to have all the fun. There were lots of 'fun leftovers' for a lot of exciting and close matches. Welcoming first time player Telmo S. (3.5) who made a great showing, pushing through to 2nd place finish, and was the lucky guy to win the $50 Sushi Nami gift card in a random player draw. The best part was when he lost his first match, exhausted, started packing up and going home, and then his next match was called... yep - he didn't know there was a Losers' bracket and another chance to win the whole thing - hence double elimination tourney. You should have seen his face...

Our two top 5.0 players, Fletch C. and Saim K., got bounced early on. Luck would have it that they would play each other in the second round of the losers' bracket...tough draw for them - great for us spectators! Vincent L. gave up trivia night tonight to come play in the tourney - good thing too because instead of drinking beer and winning bar cash, Vincent crushed it a took home real cash in third place. There was also Tom R. (2.5) was getting back in the saddle, Fletch C. (5.0) who had all the errors working against him, and Jeff D. (3.0) who had a few weeks off.

This was also our first tourney using the sudden death rule. For those that don't know, the sudden death rule helps keep the tournament going at pace and not run too long. At 8:45, all matches, except the finals are decided by one game. If there's a match underway, the next game in that match decides the outcome - no mater the game score.

All in all - lots of fun and hope to see you out next week.

Below are some great pics n vids and more terrible commentary.

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Racket up!
- Bob -
Telmo S. (3.5), blue shirt, vs Andrew M. (3.5)
Both players spent... this is the finals... and why this tourney is tough

Mario de M. (4.5), blue shirt, vs Saim K. (5.0)
Great player positions.... 
Todd H. (3.0), black shirt, vs Mario de M. (4.5)
Todd would advance - but it wasn't easy

Jeff D. (3.0), black shirt, vs Vincent L. (3.0)
Break between points or is there something on the side wall?

Telmo S. (3.5), blue shirt, vs Vincent L. (3.0)
This is the semi-finals... and in sudden death - 1 game determines who advances

Todd H. (3.0), black shirt, vs Vincent L. (3.0)
This might be the up and down the wall rally that people talk about

Saim K. (5.0), black shirt, vs. Mario de M. (4.5)
Saim would eventually push Mario into the losers' bracket - but....

Luis P. (3.0), black shirt, vs Andrew M. (3.5)
Just starting up with a bunch of unforced errors...

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