15 December, 2016

Like Saim K. always says,
"When it's cold out....
.... Play squash like you're on fire!"

We had a great turn out of 8 solid players ranging in skills from 2.5 to 5.0. Saim K. didn't come out of the gate hot and it was looking like Alejo C. (3.5) was going to put him out in the cold. But losing the first round only lit Saim's fuse and he cut back through the losers' bracket against several solid players like Tom R. (3.0), who just won last week's tourney, Carl K. (2.5) (also 13 years old) who chased every ball down, Todd H. (3.0) who has a mean drop shot, and back to rematch against Alejo... the revenge match. Ultimately, it was a 5.0 on 5.0 match in the finals with Fletch C. vs Saim K. Someone said the winner got a $25 Marlows Gift Card and well.... Fletch put up a hard fight... Congratulations to Saim!
1. Saim K. (5.0) - $72 + $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card
2. Fletch C. (5.0) - $33
3. Alejo C. (3.5) - $15

Special thanks to Alejo C. (3.5), who tried to bribe the field into letting him win because he brought 50 awesome wings.... it almost worked... But seriously - Thanks for the wings, Alejo!

Like I said, it was not an easy night for anyone and at the end, there were some truly spent players. Carl K. (2.5), our youngest champion at 13, had the hardest matches of the night or the best workout, depending on your POV. He started off against Tucker M. (4.5), a strong 4.5 at that, but still new to the SMASH format got surprised when Carl put away any mistake Tucker made. Carl then went on to face Fletch C. (5.0). Fletch, he's not a nice guy, wasn't going to give Carl a chance and pushed Carl down into the losers' bracket where Saim K. (5.0) was waiting for him.

Alejo C. (3.5), the tourney's wing man... literally, played four matches to get to 3rd place finish.... but 3 of those 4 matches were against 5.0 players! Todd H. (3.0) also made great progress through the brackets only to get knocked out just before getting into the money. Some early surprises happened when Mario de M. (4.5) and Tom R. (3.0) got sent home early.

I think everyone had fun... except Carl K... and after his workout, is probably still not having any fun.

Below are some great pics n vids and more terrible commentary.

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Excuse me... this court is reserved.
- Bob -
Fletch C. (5.0), in the red shorts, vs. Saim K. (5.0)
A clip of the finals

Tom R. (3.0) vs. Todd H. (3.0)
Tom just got promoted to 3.0 and first match was against a veteran 3.0 

Tucker M. (4.5), white shirt, vs. Carl K. (2.5)
Tucker getting his SMASH skills

Fletch C. (5.0), red shorts, vs. Mario de M. (4.5)
Mario just came in from the cold... warming up was tough...

Fletch C. (5.0), red shorts, vs. Carl K. (2.5)
Fletch trying hard not to make any mistakes

Tucker M. (4.5), white shirt, vs. Todd H. (3.0)
Tight - first two games were determined by one point

Fletch C. (5.0), red shorts, vs. Alejo C. (3.5)
...moar wings plz...

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