09 December, 2016

RESULTS - DEC 07 Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney

Congratulations to Tom R. (2.5)
aka Don't serve a ball he can get to
aka He who waits for opportunity
aka Pwnya

We had a great night with 8 players coming out to play. Tom R. (2.5) is our second beginner level player to ever win it and against a solid field of players from 4.5 down. Tom reminded everyone that with the EvenSquash handicap system, there is no room for errors and if his opponents gave him a loose serve, stray ball, or something he could get to, he could put it away. That said, Tom did not have it easy. Courtney W. (3.0) put Tom into the losers' bracket in the first round making Tom take the longest path to victory. He also had to play a previous champion and youngest player, Carl K. (2.5) and if you are not used to playing juniors - that can be quite intimidating. All in all - Tom ended up playing 15 games to win. Tom R. will now play as a 3.0.
1. Tom R. (2.5) - $72 + $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card
2. Courtney W. (3.0) - $33
3. Mario de M. (4.5) - $15
The Full Bracket
It was a tough night. Carl K. (2.5), having previously won, was back for more but got knocked down in the first round. Courtney (3.0), first time playing in several months, ended up playing Tom R. twice - first Court knocked Tom into the losers' bracket, only to face him again in the finals. Mario de M. (4.5), also a seasoned player, knocked two new comers to the tourney, Paul R. (3.5) and Justin R. (3.5) into the losers' bracket. Mario eventually fell to Tom R., who, will, if you make an error, take advantage of it. Mario had a couple of lose serves, and that's all it took. Robert M. (4.0), just back from his subcontinent tour, held his own for a while but ran into trouble from Jeff D. (3.0).

All in all - lots of fun and if you played last week and didn't place or couldn't make it, there is always Wednesday Dec 14!

Below are some great pics n vids and more terrible commentary.

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Racket up!
- Bob -

Mario De M. (4.5), black shirt, vs. Paul R. (3.5)
Great match with great rallies... I didn't capture all of it but it was a good match.

Paul R. (3.5), green shirt, vs. Robert M. (4.0)
Paul is checking the wall to see if it is hot.... 

Justin R. (3.5), grey shorts, vs. Robert M. (4.0)
...playing the long points....

Tom R. (2.5), baseball hat, vs. Paul R. (3.5)
The word for the day: "Unorthodox'er"

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