15 September, 2016

RESULTS - 14 Sep Squash SMASH Tourney

So that's how it's going to be...
Jim C. takes it all
The pot
It was a good night - neigh - a great night! Jim C. (3.0) started the night off with a Bye in the first round and for the right player that can be a huge advantage, add in a bit of luck, and you can be on the path to victory, a.k.a. Jim's path. Jim faced solid players with significant tournament experience like Jeff D. (3.0), Fletch C. (5.0), and road-player in from Houston, Chris E. (3.5). But Jim C. (playing as a 3.0) prevailed. Jim will now play as a 3.5. If you see Jim, congratulate him.

Here's how it all went down....

We had 10 players in last night's Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney, 6:45 - 8:35. This tourney is not easy and you need to bring your squash skills, your fitness, and your head game. To put that in perspective, some, like Roger W. (3.5) made it all the way to the semi's but had to drop out due to shoulder injury. Roger might say the tourney would be more appropriately named the 'Squash GRINDER'.
1. Jim C. (3.0) - $90 + $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card
2. Fletcher C. (5.0) - $45
3. Roger W. (3.5) - $15
and Luis P. (3.0) won the $50 Sushi Nami Gift Card in a random player draw - luhkeee!

We had a lot of good matches last night. Luis P. (3.0) took his matches to the full three games with the last match against Mario De M. (4.5) having each game come down to just one point. For those not familiar with an EvenSquash handicapped tourney, that meant that Luis had to get 5 points per game and Mario needed 15, best of three games. So for the Luis P. vs Mario de M. match it was a 5 to 15 race and game scores were 5-14, 15-4, and 15-4. Tight!

We also had a fellow squash player in from Houston last night, Chris E., playing as a 3.5. A new player, especially a road-player, always brings the excitement because everyone talks about the 'new guy'. Chris E. did well, got a taste of some heavy skills when he played his first 5.0 in tournament format, and was able to press his own weight in against lower players like Jim C. (3.0). Hadi (3.0) made his SMASH debut - welcome and hope he returns. Cody H. (2.5) coming back for more in his second tourney, played Jeff D. (3.0) to the end and in hill-hill matches with each game coming down to a single point. Tight x2!
The complete bracket
Everyone had a lot a fun. Special thanks to our sponsors, Marlow's Tavern and Sushi Nami. We also appreciate the crowd of spectators that watched the finals and added to the excitement. And special thanks to Wayne J. (4.5) who entered but forfeited out before the first match but still donated his entry fee to the tourney.

Below are some more highlights, video, and pics. Thanks again to everyone coming out to play!

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Get on the courts!
- Bob -
Mario de M. (4.5) in blue vs. Chris E. (3.5)
Some quick points....
Luis P. (3.0) in black vs. Roger W. (3.5)
Through the glass on court 1
Hadi (3.0) in black vs Fletcher C. (5.0)
Hadi getting to the T
Mario de M. (4.5) in blue vs Fletcher C. (5.0)
Long points in a 8 to 11 race
Cody H. (2.5) in black vs Jeff D. (3.0)
Cody - watching for the backhand serve return... 
Mario de M. (4.5) in blue vs Chris E. (3.5)
You can see Chris is about to blast this ball down the right side rail.
Jim C. (3.0) in yellow vs Fletcher C (5.0)
Just a bit of the finals - energy is drained

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