23 September, 2016

Team Event + 28 Sep Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney - 6:30pm

In addition to our Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney announcement, I am excited to announce a new event!
The Quick and The Dirty
2:00 - 3:00pm Saturday, Oct 15

A free, fast and fun team event that requires a bit of strategy, teamwork, and pressure for the individual and the team. In a nutshell - 10 players needed for about an hour: Anjo G. (5.0) and Jeff D. (3.0) have volunteered to be team captains. This is a test concept of something bigger; think multiple teams from many squash clubs. So if you don't find yourself on a team but wanted to play - don't sweat it. If you want to play, sign up here. Or contact Anjo, Jeff, or myself.

Winners - Box of balls.
Losers - Can of Foster's that sat in the sun during the event.

There is no entry fee: just a chance to win... or lose.

  • 5 players. Team is Captain + 4 others. Anyone can play, including the captain.
  • All skill levels welcome. Games are played using the EvenSquash handicap system.
  • One Court. Only one court is used during this event.
  • Racket spin. Team captain winning the spin can decide to post a player first or receive.
  • Player's Coach. Player selects before the start who they want to coach them during the match.
  • Time-outs. Players have two 60 sec time-outs that can be called by either the player or their coach at anytime between points.
  • Best of 5. Matches are played best of 5 games.
  • Alternate post and receive. After the first match, teams alternate posting the next player for the next match.
  • 3 matches. This means that two players will not play in the event.
  • 11.0 max handicap. The three fielded players' handicaps must add up to 11.0 or less.
  • Most games won wins. Normally, the winning team would be who won the 2 of 3 matches but for this event and to increase the chances of full 3 matches being played, games will count.

And of course there is our
Weekly Wednesday Night Squash SMASH Tourney

Sign up for this week's Wednesday night tourney! Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 1st also gets a $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card. If we get more than 8 players, a randomly selected player will get a $50 Sushi Nami Gift Card!

So we can start on time, be there no later than 6:15 to pay, warm up, and start.
You are not guaranteed a spot until you have paid the entry fee ($15, cash only).
16 player max. Priority will be given to those that sign up online.

If you do plan to play in this week's tourney, please help me out and reserve a 1-hour block on courts 2, 3, and 4 from 6:30 - 8:30 on www.MyLT.com

---> No Squash SMASH Tourney Wednesday Oct 5 <---

I will be live tweeting the tournament with pictures and some match video this week, so if you can't make it, you can follow the action on Twitter @EvenSquash. I will also post a few updates about the tournament on Facebook @EvenSquash and Instagram @EvenSquash

Freak'n squash it!

- Bob -
For more information about the tourney, check out Weekly Wed. Squash SMASH  

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