08 September, 2016

RESULTS - 7 Sep Squash SMASH Tourney

Great turnout - 11 Players!
Denri, Get Well Soon
Squash Tourney

The finishers:
1. Saim K. (5.0) - $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card + $99
2. Yoann B. (3.0) - $51
3. Roland D. (3.0) - $15

A bunch of things happened last night.

First there was Saim K. (5.0). When Siam steps on to the court it is like a superhero landing in the middle of a battle {FX cue: crunching thud then dust settling}. Last night Siam walked away with $99 cash and a $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card. It wasn't easy for him though. After playing a hard first match against Fletch C. (5.0), Saim got knocked into the loser's bracket in the second round by Tim J. (2.5). He had to claw back through almost the entire loser's bracket and had it not been for a couple players who had to drop out due to injury, the outcome could have been very different. In the end, Saim faced Yoann B. (3.0). Yoann, who is known for speed and never letting a ball bounce twice, was able to keep some pressure on Saim but eventually ran out of gas in the final match. Normally a win like this would mean promotion, but Saim K. had just been moved up to a 5.0 and until there is more data on him playing as a 5.0, he will remain a 5.0 in the next tourney. Well played everyone!
Siam K. (5.0) giving Yoann B. (3.0) some "tips"
Second there were all the other matches. We had a great variety of skill levels that made for some interesting matches and some crazy upsets. There was Tim J. (2.5), fresh off a new baby (congratulations new Dad), went up against seasoned Mario De M. (4.5) and came away clean, and then pushed Saim into the loser's bracket the very next match. I thought for sure Tim was going to be in the money but Tim had to drop out due to injury (new babies are hard on the body). Welcome first time players; Amanda W. (2.5) and Waley I. (2.5) made their SMASH tourney debuts. Waley I. got cut in the first round but Amanda W. was able to make it a few matches into the tourney. Then there was George B. (3.5), who has a smooth-as-silk drop shot, put a hurting on Mario De M. (4.5) and Fletch C. (5.0), only to have to end it early against Saim K. with an injured elbow.

Third. It was for Denri. Thank you everyone who chipped in to get Denri a get well gift. I will get a card and leave it at the front desk for everyone to sign through the weekend and pass the contributions on to Anjo.

And lastly,  Amanda W. (2.5) was the lucky player to win the drawing for the $50 Sushi Nami Gift Card.

Hope everyone had fun!

Below are some more highlights, video, and pics. Thanks again to everyone coming out to play!

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See you next week!
- Bob -

The final bracket for the tourney
Yoann B. (3.0) vs. Roland D. (3.0)
A good example of how errors cost you points

Debut players: Amanda W. (2.5) and Waley I. (2.5)
Mario De M. (4.5) having a hard time against Tim J. (2.5)

Here's what happens when a seasoned 5.0 plays a new 2.5.
Siam K. (5.0) vs Amanda W. (2.5)

Some quick points between Amanda W. (2.5) and Waley I. (2.5)

5.0 level match up between Saim K. and Fletcher C. 

Thanks to our sponsors Marlow's Tavern and Sushi Nami

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