01 September, 2016

RESULTS - 31 Aug Squash SMASH Tourney

What do six squash players with
skills from 2.5 to 5.0 have in common?
They all got beat by Saim K. 

We had a small turn out this week with two 2.5 level players, a 3.0, a 3.5, and two 5.0's and that made for some interesting matches and a lot of fun. Please congratulate Saim on his win and normally I would be announcing his promotion to the next skill level. But because of the small field, Saim will remain a 5.0. We need more than 8 players before making handicap adjustments.

1. Saim K. (5.0) - $54 + $25 Marlow's Tavern Gift Card
2. Anjo G. (5.0) - $21
3. Jim C. (3.0) - $15

Not saying Saim K (5.0) had it easy... but he did start off with a bye in the first round and that gave him a bit more wind than some of his opponents. His first match was against Tom R. (2.5) who is familiar with the tournament and knows how to play a 5.0. Tom took the first game but the Saim came back to win the last two. His next match against Anjo G. (5.0), who looked pretty hungry, put him in the running for the finals. Anjo bested Saim and Saim went to the loser's bracket where he went up against Jim C. (3.0). Jim doesn't play in the tourney often, but when he does, can turn on the heat. Luckily for Saim, Jim was thinking about beer and the end of the night and that made trouble for Jim in keeping up with Saim's ball pace.
Anjo G. (5.0) vs. Saim K. (5.0)
That means that Saim and Anjo were facing off again. Anjo, who was also thinking about the Marlow's Tavern Gift Card early on now had conflicted thoughts that troubled him. Anjo thought to himself, "If I win, I get to go to Marlow's Tavern with $54 and a $25 gift card! ....mmm beer.... But if I win, I will get moved up to a 5.5 and 5.5 is too hard..."

What Anjo didn't know was that because this was a small tourney, no one would get promoted. He also didn't know was that if this was a larger tourney, he would still get promoted at second place because of he has finished in the money 4 times in the past 12 weeks. Saim K. saw Anjo's troubled brow, felt no pitty for Anjo, took his money and the Marlow's gift card, and went home with victory. Anjo, having never won and now with his fourth 2nd place finish, solidifies his title "The Closer".

Welcome George B. (3.5). This was George's first tourney and was able to hold his own through several matches, got to play a solid 5.0 in a tournament, and play weaker and stronger players. He'll be back. Tom R. and Lawrence L., both 2.5's, made solid showings. Jim C. is making his first showing on the Winner's Circle by taking 3rd place.

Good times.... good times...
The full bracket
Below are some more highlights, video, and pics. Thanks again to everyone coming out to play!

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See you next week!
- Bob -

Lawrence L. (2.5) vs Jim C. (3.0)
Lawrence might be standing too far back on the server return
Tom R. (2.5) vs. George B. (3.5)
Tom is in spectator mode for this shot.

Anjo G. (5.0) vs. Saim K. (5.0)
Both players making errors

Tom R. (2.5) vs. George B. (3.5)
Tom, feeling George's pressure, does a good job at getting back to the T

Anjo G. (5.0) vs. Jim C. (3.0)
Anjo will take all tasty points Jim gives him

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