03 January, 2017

04 JAN Weekly Wednesday's Squash SMASH Tourney - 6:30pm

$4,000 Cash Prizes
Awarded in 2016

First - Sign up for this week's Wed. tourney here:

Now to the good stuff.... it might be a bit long - take a break if you need to, but I think you'll find it interesting. No TL;DR's.

Who were the big winners? Here's the top 10:
NameSkill LevelTotal $ Winnings
1Saim Khalid5.0$371
2Scott Feinstein4.5$240
3Andrew Mellow4.0$237
4Charlie Johnson5.5$236
5Denri Gottemaker4.0$177
6Mario de Mendoza4.5$171
7Assam Javiad5.0$171
8Fong Yeow4.5$167
9Alejandro C3.5$156
10Fletcher Cline5.0$155
If you want to see who's 11 through 37 winners or more details like who has finished in the money the most, or who's got the most 2nd place finishes, check out the Squash SMASH Winner's Circle

Have you ever seen player stats for squash players like you get for baseball and other sports? How about this for a start: For those players that played pretty frequently, I started tracking the points they earned per game and how many they needed to win that game. I then made a rolling average of their percentage of 'must win points' over the most recent 40 games. So what does that tell you?

Glad you asked. It tells you that for any given player of any skill level, how advanced they are for that skill level. For example, Todd H. (3.0) vs Jeff D. (3.0), their % must win points are 87.4% and 80.6%, respectively. This means that if they played 40 games, I would expect Todd to be a bit stronger than Jeff. This would also be true with a 5.0 playing a 3.5 or any other mix of skill levels because it comes down to the percentage of points they make given the points needed. So you could expect Morgan P. (3.5) to beat Saim K. (5.0) on average. It also tells you when a player may be ready for a level adjustment.
Player% Must win ptsSLGames
Scott Feinstein87.9%4.53
Andrew Mellon87.4%3.540
Todd Hollosi87.4%3.040
Yoaan Brugies86.6%3.031
Fong Yeow86.1%4.59
Morgan Purvis 84.7%3.529
Alejandro Cadavid84.0%3.537
Anjo Gottemaker82.7%5.040
Fletcher Cline81.1%5.040
Jeff Dinkle80.6%3.040
Assam Javaid78.3%5.038
Saim Khalid78.0%5.040
Roger Woodman77.7%3.524
Luis Pineda77.4%3.040
Jim Cotter77.4%3.512
Rehan Saeed76.8%4.037
Mario de Mendoza73.1%4.540
Roland Dung70.8%3.031
Frank Gary67.3%2.526
Courtney Wilson52.8%3.510

Anyway - It was a great year and a fun experiment. I had a lot of fun putting it together and  I hope everyone else had fun too.

I will continue running the tournaments as long as we have enough players and we're attracting new players.

See you on the courts!
  - Bob -

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