19 January, 2017

RESULTS - JAN 18 Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney

Tucker, Tucker, bo-Bucker,
Fee Fi Fo....
Tucker M. (4.5) wins!

Wow! - Wow! - I mean WOW! 12 players in last night's weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney and Tucker M. (4.5) played through them all! It was a dark start though... Tucker came out of the gate against Tom R. (3.0), who's 'unconventional' serve return through Tucker in to the losers' bracket the very first round! It also sent Tucker scrambling for a new racket (don't ask...). Taking the long road to victory, Tucker had to face players like first time and unknown player Johannes D. (2.5), seasoned Saim K. (5.0), the tough Colombian Alejo C. (3.5), and back around to Tom R. again in the money rounds. It ended with Tucker M. and Fletch C. (5.0) in the finals. Fletch had crushed through the winners' bracket and was waiting on the losers side to boil down, was, needless to say, cold and hungry waiting for Tucker. Tucker, confident after figuring out Tom R.'s style, took the advantage while Fletch was struggling to warm up. Given Tucker's stats, previous win, and previous finishes in the money, Tucker will now play as a 5.0. Congratulations to Tucker M. (5.0).
1. Tucker M. (4.5) - $108 + $50 Sushi Nami Gift Card
2. Fletch C. (5.0) - $57
3. Tom R. (3.0) - $15
Cat G. (2.5) and Alejo C. (3.5) won the draw for Marlow's Tavern Appetizer Cards
The final brackets
Good times. We had a lot of players with a great mix of skills and experience. Welcome first time players Johannes D. (2.5) and Brian W. (2.5) who, depending on how you look at it, got thrown in with the experienced players like Tucker M. (4.5), Saim K. (5.0), and Scott F. (4.5) (aka Ski) in the first rounds.

Speaking of Ski, Scott F. (4.5) was able to play tonight which always adds a lot of fun because he's always helping out the lesser skilled players with great tips... and also if you match up against him, gently reminding you that you have a long way to go. Speaking of Cat, she was able to stay in and play Ski and Alejo C. (3.5). Brian W. got some good games in with Paul C. (3.0). Paul C. had a good showing but, under pressure of having to run an errand before stores closed, eventually fell to Alejo C. (3.5). Amanda W. (2.5) came in just after the start but was able to buy a vacant spot before the match was called and get some squash on. Adam S. (4.0) got put down in the first round but wanting to play some squash and not to use the word 'fluffer', stuck around and help keep other players warmed up while they waited for their matches.

Good times. Good times.

Hope to see you out next week!

Below are some great pics n vids and more lame-ass commentary.

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I don't like my new shoes...
- Bob -

Alejo C. (3.5) vs. Adam S. (4.0), black shirt
Alejo coming off the back wall and anticipating a drop shot in the front corner

Fletch C. (5.0), white shirt, vs. Alejo C. (3.5)
No really...it's harder than it looks...

Amanda W. (2.5) vs. Adam S. (4.0)
Adam practicing the hard serve.... Amanda practicing the return...

Adam S. (4.0), black shirt, vs. Alejo C. (3.5)
Short blasting rallies in this clip doesn't do the players justice

Cat. G. (2.5) vs Alejo C. (3.5)
Cat learning it's hard to play friends ... but Alejo wasn't

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