30 January, 2017

RESULTS - WOODSTOCK! - 1pm Satuday 28 JAN - Squash SMASH Tourney!

Saim K. (5.0)
nuff said
Saim K. (5.0), black shirt, vs. Dave L. (4.5)... in the finals!
For those of you who don't know Saim K. (5.0), he is one of the Squash SMASH Tourney's most seasoned players. He knows how to play lower skill leveled players, focuses on not giving up points, and is a confident match for anyone a 5.0 level and up. It was no surprise when Saim K. (5.0) solidly held down the winners' bracket, especially with so many first time players. Having controlled the winners' bracket, he sat patiently waiting for all those poor saps in the losers bracket to grind it out. There were some tight battles for him though. Saim almost got put into the losers bracket by Craig G. (4.0) in tight races where two games came down to match ball each. Sam F. (3.0) also gave him a scare by snapping off the first game in the match... but this was Sam's first SMASH event and losing the first game wasn't going to rattle Saim. Dave L. (4.5) gave Saim two matches, first match Saim pushed Dave into the losers bracket and then again in the finals.... the out comes were identical. Congratulations to Saim K. (5.0)!
1. Saim K. (5.0) - $90
2. Dave L. (4.5) - $45
3. Sam F. (3.0) - $15
The final brackets
We had 10 great players at the first ever Squash SMASH Tourney at the Life Time Fitness in Woodstock and it was a lot of fun! Even Rehan S. (4.0) had fun. There was Joaquin F. (2.5), one of our youngest players, show that he could get on the court with the big guys and even sent Justin V. (2.5) home early. Speaking of Justin V. (2.5). Justin has just taken squash up and loves it. He also loves to remind advanced players like Dave L. (4.5) and Rehan S. (4.0) that in a SMASH tourney there can be no mistakes. Dave L. was able to get passed Justin but Rehan didn't make it. This was also Chandra S. (4.0)'s first tourney and he instantly felt the pressure of the SMASH when he stepped on the court with Sam F. (3.0). Sam held his own through the tourney in nothing but tight races and he even got to experience the 5.0 fun that Saim K. shares with his opponents. Can't say that Sam F. (3.0) enjoyed that fun for sure.... but he did eventually take 3rd place! This was also Craig G.'s (4.0) first EvenSquash even and got to play a wide range of players from Joaquin F. (2.5) to Saim K. (5.0) in ultra-tense matches that he would normally not play in other squash events. Craig eventually got sent home by Sam F.

In addition to Saim K., we also had Telmo S., Mario de M. (4.5), and Rehan S. (4.0) come up from the club in Sandy Springs to play in the tourney. They really helped the players who've not seen this format before, fit in and have fun. Thanks for your help! Special thanks to Dave L. (4.5) for helping organize, promote, and host the event at the Life Time Fitness in Woodstock.

I hope that everyone had a great time on Saturday. There's talk of making it a monthly squash event at the Woodstock Life Time Fitness.... Contact the squash pro there to find out more.

Below are some great pics n vids and more lame-ass commentary.

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Oh, this is just like racquetball!
- Bob -
Dave L. (4.5), white shirt, vs Telmo S. (4.0)
"I'm not out of breath, I just thought I saw something on the floor..."

Rehan S. (4.0), yellow shirt, vs. Craig G. (4.0)
You would think this match would have incredibly long rallies.... but it doesn't

Dave L. (4.5), white shirt, vs. Telmo S. (4.0)
Lots of calls... even a stroke!

Rehan S. (4.0), yellow shirt, vs. Craig G. (4.0)
Rehan's shot off the back glass didn't pay out...

Rehan S. (4.0), yellow shirt, vs. Justin V. (2.5)
Serve and serve return practice....

Dave L. (4.5), white shirt, vs. Sam F. (3.0)
Added pressure of sudden death: One game determines the match

Dave L. (4.5), white shirt, vs. Sam F. (3.0)
Great rally for the battle for 3rd place!

Saim K. (5.0), black shirt, vs Dave L. (4.5)
Finals - Great match up!
...don't listen to the background noise:
Why would you hand out little horns at kids birthday party - ARE YOU MAD!?

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