12 January, 2017

RESULTS - JAN 11 Weekly Wednesday Squash SMASH Tourney

     1. Deposit $15
     2. Wait approx two hours
     3. Play some squash while waiting
     4. Collect $72

It wasn't all playing squash and watching the clock for Todd though. He had some risky matches right from the start. There was first timer Cat G. (2.5), who may have been a bit nervous at the start, but she quickly let Todd know that she did know how to play squash and was going to throw some uncertainty into Todd's plans. Then Todd went up against Alejo C. (3.5), a significant risk to his investment and a player that is known to chase the ball down until the ball is laying on the floor or he is. Then there was Hadi (3.0), an infrequent player but still skilled enough to make Todd complain about the wait and to consider hedging his position. Todd finally met George L. (2.5) in the finals. George L., also rarely seen in the tourney, had just fought his way out of the losers' bracket, and was following Todd's investment advice, with the goal of maximizing his return. Congratulations to Todd H. (3.0) for winning last night's squash SMASH tourney. Todd H. will now play as a 3.5.
1. Todd H. (3.0) - $72
2. George L. (2.5) - $33
3. Hadi (3.0) - $15
Jeff D. (3.0) and Amanda W. (2.5) won the Marlow's Tavern Free Appetizer Cards
Final brackets
We had 8 solid players, a couple we haven't seen in a while, and one first timer. It was a great field too with skill levels ranging from 2.5 to 4.0 with 3 2.5's, 3 3.0's, a 3.5, and a 4.0. Amanda W. (2.5) had only played once before and many moons ago, was back looking for some fast pace fun. I think she found it in her matches with Hadi (3.0) and Adam S. (4.0). Hadi (3.0), would advance through the winners' bracket until Todd called him out. Adam S. (4.0), the heavy for the tourney, found out that the beginner level players were pretty tough under the EvenSquash handicap system and had some serious pressure not to make a mistake. Alejo C. (3.5) gave Adam a good run with some tight matches with some great gets. Adam eventually fell to George L. (2.5) with a max pressure of both players needing one point to win the match, pulled unforced error, allowing George to advance. Cat G. (2.5) stunned Jeff D. (3.0) with a quick win in the first game. But Jeff D. (3.0) being an experienced tourney player, focused up and sent Cat home for the night.

Always lots of fun (well, there was this one time...) 

Hope to see you out next week!

Below are some great pics n vids and more crappy commentary. I played in the tourney this week and didn't spend as much time collecting media.... I'll have more for you next week!

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Was that a stroke?
- Bob -

Cat G. (2.5) vs Todd H. (3.0)
Todd thought he knew Cat....until she won a game off of him....

George L. (2.5), white shirt, vs. Hadi (3.0)
Warming up....

George L. (2.5), white shirt, vs Adam S. (4.0)
George reminded Adam that his mistakes could be painful

Adam S. (4.0), red shirt, vs. Alejo C. (3.5)
I am not sure how these players got in this position.... just sayn

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