19 August, 2016

24 Aug Wednesday's Squash SMASH Tourney - 6:30pm

"I don't like squash."
.... said no one.... EVER

Last week, newcomer Robert M. (playing as a 3.5) snapped off first place and took home a $25 gift card from Marlow's Tavern and $77 of everyone's money. He said he'll be back this week... we'll see.... For those wondering if Rehan S. (4.0) will be there, last I heard he may still be re-hydrating and recovering.  

For reals: there was some great competition last week and a great mix of players. The tournament matches up players that would probably not normally play each other in a fair, fast, fun format. From the sounds of things, everyone had a boat load of fun. For the full review of the tournament and match highlights, check out the RESULTS - 17 Aug Squash SMASH Tourney below.

Even if you think there is a slight chance that you'll play this week, I highly recommend you sign up online. Spots fill up fast and it's a lot easier to scratch you out than to add you in last minute!
Squash SMASH Online Registration Form
So we can start on time, please be there no later than 6:15 to pay, warm up, and start.
You are not guaranteed a spot until you have paid the entry fee ($15, cash only for now) before the draw at 6:30pm.

Remember - there is a 16 player maxPriority will be given to those that sign up online. 

If you do plan to play and if you haven't already, please help me out and reserve a 1-hour block on courts 2, 3, and 4 from 6:30 - 8:30 on www.MyLT.com

I will be live tweeting the tournament with pictures and some match video this week, so if you can't make it, you can follow the action on Twitter @EvenSquash. I will also post a few updates about the tournament on Facebook @EvenSquash and Instagram @EvenSquash

Come out and play!

  - Bob -

For more information about the tourney, check out Weekly Wed. Squash SMASH Tourney.

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