18 August, 2016

RESULTS - 17 Aug Squash SMASH Tourney

Crazy crazy crazy.... The tournament was almost canceled because only one person signed up online (thanks Brian S.) ... but then 7 people walked in and we had a field of 8!

Robert M. (3.5) has a new title!
--> Winner <--
That's right - we had a first time player, who's not even a member of the Lifetime Fitness, but who has played in some of Andre's tournaments as a 3.5, come in and snap the whole tournament off. It wasn't easy, it was close, and now Robert gets some more weight to carry the next tournament - Robert M. is now a 4.0.

1. Robert M. (3.5) - $77 + $25 Marlow's Gift Card
2. Rehan S. (4.0) - $33
3. Mario de M. (4.0) - $15

In the finals, it was Robert M. (3.5) vs. Rehan S. (4.0). Using the EvenSquash handicap system, that meant that Robert needed 7 points to win and Rehan 11 points to win the game. Rehan stepped up and took the first game 11-5.... and that woke Robert up to come back with two wins, 7-5, and 7-6. Rehan was tired from taking the longest route to the finals by playing 14 games over 6 matches! Some could actually argue that Rehan put all his energy reserves into the match between Mario de M. (4.0) and was out of steam against Robert. Robert took advantage of this and kept constant pressure on Rehan. Well played.

Text book case of Robert making an already spent Rehan S. chase every shot down
We had a lot of newcomers last night: Brian S. (3.0), Paul C. (3.0), Shane G. (4.0), and Robert M. (3.5). It was intense and for those that made it past the first round found out that it is not just squash skill but also fitness that helps you advance. Anyone who played Mario de M. was hating life - Mario ran them around and would not let a ball die; so his opponents never caught a breather. Last week's winner, Fletch C.'s, was playing for the first time as a 5.0, was feeling the additional weight and had some tough matches against seasoned lower level players. Siam K. (5.0), also getting used to the new 5.0 weight progressed further but still ran into trouble with Rehan. Rehan sent both 5.0's home. After two 5.0 battles, Rehan faced Mario de M. (4.0) and the rallies in that battle.... lasted minutes! Like I said, it was a tough night for Rehan and I am sure he will need some time to recover.

Both Mario de M. (4.0) and Saim K. (5.0) reminded, Brian S. (3.0) that squash is a lot harder than golf and played some fierce matches. Shane G., back from a few months off and first time playing in the tourney, played as a 4.0 but after playing the two 5.0's, begged to be lowered back to a 3.5. Paul C. (3.0) was excited to be out and playing in the tourney. Even after getting sent home by Rehan, Paul was still excited and said he'd be back.

Actually, on that note - everyone said that they had a lot of fun and would be back.... except Rehan who will probably still be recovering.

Thanks again for everyone who played!

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Hope to see you next week!
   - Bob -

Here's some of the highlights, and videos.
Thanks to our 1st place sponsor. Marlow's Tavern - Prado
The chess board
The final point of the final match

Mario de M. (4.0) reminding Brian S. (3.0) that squash is harder than golf.

Brian S. (3.0) about to drive the ball down the wall against Siam K. (5.0)
Robert M. (3.5) on the left vs. Mario de M. (4.0)
Finals: Rehan S. (4.0) (white shirt) giving Robert M. (3.5) the evil eye after Robert dropped the ball in the other corner.
Spent players: Some very short rallies in the finals.

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