04 August, 2016

RESULTS - 3 Aug Squash SMASH Tourney

The math is simple:
+ 8 Solid players
- 15 Hard matches
-  2.5 to 5.0 skills
-  4 New players  
Saim K. (4.5) Victory

Here are leaders from the Aug 3 Squash SMASH Tourney:
1. Saim K. (4.5) - $77
2. Anjo G. (5.0) - $33
3. Jeff D. (3.0) - $15

Saim K. started the tournament as a 4.5 and finished as a 5.0. He was able to hold the winner's bracket the entire night and some how, didn't even break a sweat.... but no one called him a freak for not sweating. In his final battle with Anjo G. (5.0), who fell to the loser's bracket earlier, faced Saim but Saim was able to pull out two quick victories and take advantage of any errors that Anjo made. Strangely, this is Anjo's 3rd time finishing 2nd place and makes you wonder how he got the nickname 'The Closer'. If you see Saim, please congratulate him on his first place finish and welcome him to the 5.0 ranks.

Finals: Saim K. (4.5) in the green shirt vs. Anjo G. (5.0) in the black.
Speaking of 5.0's... this tourney was definitely top heavy with half the players considered to be advanced squash players. We had 2 5.0's, 2 4.5's, a 3.5, a 3.0 and 2 2.5's. That big spread of handicaps created big gaps in play style while at the same time matching up many in even matches. The show case match of the night came in the second round with Assam J. (5.0) vs. Anjo G. (5.0). In the end, Anjo pushed Assam down into the loser's bracket and moved on to face Saim K. for the first time.

We also had four players to play in their first Squash SMASH tourney: Fletcher C. (4.5), Roger W. (3.5), Cody H. (2.5), and Tom R. (2.5). Tom R. had the best showing of the new players and almost got into the semi-finals. They all said they had fun and plan to be back.

All in all, it was a great night. We started almost on time (6:40) and ended at 8:25. Check out the full tournament tree below for how the night unfolded. 

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Hope to see you next week!

   - Bob -

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