25 August, 2016

RESULTS - 24 Aug Squash SMASH Tourney

Oscar winning dramas
Steel Magnolias               Driving Miss Daisy
Aug 24 Squash SMASH Tourney
Rain Man           Brokeback Mountain

14 players! Congratulations to Mario de M. (4.0) for keeping a level head through a long night that had a bit of drama and claiming first place! Mario is now rated a 4.5.

1. Mario de M. (4.0) - $126 + $25 Marlow's Tavern gift card
2. Rehan S. (4.0) - $69
3. Arturo M. (3.5) - $15

Mario de M. (4.0) went through a lot of tough players like Fletch C. (5.0), Robert M. (4.0) and Gareth J. (4.0) to get to the finals and in the end was able to beat Rehan S. (4.0) in even races to 11. The last game of the match went hill-hill, meaning both players were on the hill and only needed one point to take home first. Check out the video highlights below and the final point!
Last minute of the last game of the last match!

First game of the finals Mario de M. (4.0) (blue shirt) and Rehan S. (4.0) (black shirt)

There were a lot of exciting matches and a lot of even face offs like matches between newcomer Peter W. (2.5) vs. experienced Lawrence L. (2.5) went three games with tight scores: 11-10, 11-7, and 11-9. Or some 5.0 on 5.0 action like with Saim K. and Anjo G., where Anjo did all the winning. It was Gareth G.'s first time playing had a lot of pressure but was able to hold his own until he met Arturo M. (3.5) and almost got into the money. There were some surprise early knockouts of seasoned players and past winners: Courtney W. and Robert M., both past winners, went home early. Frank G. (2.5) went home in the first round...again... but he is a solid 2.5 and the smart money is on him to snap this tourney off any week now.

On a more serious note, we had a few players who brought their drama skills to the squash court. This was a surprise coming from squash players that we see and play everyday and this wasn't even our biggest tourney! Last night, we saw for the first time:

  • Arguing with the ref when there was a volunteer making a ref call,
  • throwing rackets,
  • name calling,
  • abusive profanity, 
  • and borderline physical altercation.
There will be no tolerance of poor sportsmanship, bad conduct on/off court, or confrontational play will get you disqualified. That behavior does no one good, does not help promote or attract new players, and is a waste of my time. I was caught off guard by the behavior and regret that I did not eject them on the spot. My bad and it won't happen again.

BUT, all-in-all, everyone had a great time! Below are some more highlights, video, and pics. 

Thanks again to everyone coming out to play!

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See you next week!
  - Bob -
The final tourney bracket - 14 players!
Fletch C. (5.0) (red shorts) vs. Jeff D. (3.0)
Anjo G. (5.0) vs Arturo M. (3.5)
Feel the drama - Watch for the stroke call

Siam K. (5.0) vs. Courtney W. (3.5)
Courtney holding the T well but there's just too much Saim K. pressure in the corner

Rehan S. (4.0) vs. Anjo G. (5.0)
Drama abounds. Was Rehan getting played with like a cat toy
or Anjo surprised by a stronger opponent. You make the call.

Arturo M. (3.5) vs. Rehan S. (4.0)
...and the Academy Award for best drama goes to....

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