11 August, 2016

RESULTS - 10 Aug Squash SMASH Tourney

Who had it worse?
Ashwin A., an 11 year old 3.0
Denri G., a towering 4.0

That was the kind of matches we had last night. Denri ended up defeating Ashwin but not without Ashwin dishing out some serious mind-trauma to Denri.

Again - 8 solid players! Here's the run down:
1. Fletcher C. (4.5) - $77 + $25 Marlow's Gift Card
2. Denri G. (4.0) - $33
3. Assam J. (5.0) - $15

It was an interesting night to say the least.... we had hardly anyone sign up online but then out of the blue, people showed up!

Denri G., a solid 4.0, nursing a bad knee, and didn't even want to play, was able to hold the winner's bracket through the night by defeating some tough opponents including a new 3.0 player, Tim J. (3.0), Ashwin A. (the crazy good 3.0, 11 year old), and Assam J. (5.0). But it was Fletcher C. who was pushed down into the loser's bracket in the first round by Tom R. (2.5) only to claw back through 6 matches to win the night! Dude! - Talk about fitness! Congratulations to Fletcher C. (4.5)! No one talked about Denri's 3rd, 2nd place finish... #closer

Fletcher C. will now play as a 5.0 in future tournaments. 
Final Tourney Bracket
We started at 6:45 and ended at 8:45. Next time - we'll start on time! Promise!

Tom R., a 2.5 and relatively new to squash, put some smack downs on some seasoned players with the focus of just getting a few points to advance, which he did. Tim J., a 3.0 and first timer to our SMASH tourney, got dropped in the first round - but I am sure it was just nerves and next time will be out for blood. Morgan P., a top-notch 3.5 and short-stop to 4.0 (players actually complain), got bounced in the first round. Good thing I didn't put any money on him to finish this time... no really, it's just a matter of time before he snaps this tourney off!
A few seconds of play with Morgan P. (3.5) vs Assam J. (5.0) in one of many hard points
Jeff D. (3.0), in the white shirt, taking some lessons from Ashwin A. (3.0)
Fletcher C. (4.5) vs. Ashwin A. (3.0)
Check out the freaking awesome drop shot by Ashwin for the point!

Here's Denri G. (4.0) taking a stroke like a boss vs. Assam J. (5.0).
If you listen closely, you can hear Denri say, "please don't hit me..."

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Hope to see you next week!

   - Bob -

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